Deep Cleaning

Cleaning is a job that should be done thoroughly. Enough with over-the-counter and basic sweeping because your home needs cleaning professionals that get into every crevice and area in your home. At C & L Cleaning Services, we offer deep cleaning services so we can leave your home spotless.

Move-In/Out Cleaning

When you're planning on moving out of your old home, many essential factors should be settled. One of them is cleaning; you must leave everything in order and expect the same in your new home when you leave. Leave cleanliness and expect cleanliness everywhere you go with our move-in/out cleaning services.

After Party Cleaning

Enjoying your time is fantastic; however, there is one way always to burst your bubble, and that's thinking about all the cleanup you'll be having to do afterward. At C & L Cleaning Services, we want you to enjoy every moment without worrying, which is why we offer after-party cleaning services; we do all the work for you.

Before Party Cleaning

A well-organized party is what we all want, that way we can enjoy it with all of our friends and family without worrying. However, what if this wasn't the case? What if your home looks like a complete mess and you don't have time to pull it together? If this is the case, then our before-party cleaning services are the best option for you.

After Construction Cleaning

We know that there is always cement, dust, dirt, and all kinds of elements hanging around our new construction after construction. All of that makes all of your effort in a new construction look bad because it is not adequately taken care of, which is why we offer after construction cleaning; that way, you can enjoy your new construction in all its splendor.

Rental Cleaning

Maybe you've decided to take on an adventure or have some vacation time, or maybe you're renting out your property as an AIRBNB. If so, then our services might interest you. If you've rented out a palace and must keep it clean to give it back to the owners or to have your clients in the best conditions possible, then rental cleaning services are the best option for you.

Real Estate Cleaning

Selling or buying a home is a big step! This is why you need a team of specialists that can go before you do. With our real estate cleaning services at C & L Cleaning Services, we ensure your new property is in its best condition.

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